9.30 AM - 10.00 AM
Aula Magna

10 years of Janus!

Lorenzo Miniero @ Meetecho

Five long years after the first edition, JanusCon is finally back! What happened in the Janus world and WebRTC since then?

Join Lorenzo as he welcomes you to the second edition of JanusCon, celebrates the 15th birthday of Meetecho and the 10th birthday of Janus, and goes through the "Janustate of the Union", for a look at past, present and future of the project!

Lorenzo is getting older but, unlike whisky, he's not getting any better. Besides working on the open source Janus WebRTC Server and other projects, he recently had a middle age crisis and got back to old passions, like writing and publishing music using open source software, and trying to write a point and click adventure game engine.

He's the chairman and co-founder of Meetecho, a company providing both consultancy services and communication platforms. He got is degree and Ph.D at the Computer Science Department at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he started working on multimedia conferencing and met the colleagues with whom he co-founded Meetecho as an academic spin-off. He is an active contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardization activities, especially in the framework of real-time multimedia applications. He is most known as the author of Janus, a general purpose and open source WebRTC server.