5.30 PM - 6.00 PM
Aula Magna

SWOT’s Up? Leveraging SWOT and CAME Analysis for Strategic Success

Celeste Mangani @ QXIP

Are you ready to elevate your Strategic Planning game? This presentation aims to empower engineers working in the open-source landscape by introducing strategic business tools and the possibility to gain the knowledge and skills to achieve a deeper understarding of the projects. This will enable making more informed decisions, prioritizing development efforts and strategically navigating challenges to endur success.

Celeste is the Chief Financial Officer at QXIP BV, one of the leading company in OSS VoIP and RTC Monitoring serving some of the world's leading tech companies. From the early days as Project and Product Manager all the way up to her CFO and Public Speaker present, Celeste creatively bootstrapped her career serving different roles across Europe, strong of her self-made enthusiasm, intellect and fresh Educational Science Bachelor ultimately anchoring Arts and Open-Source under the same roof at QXIP, where she manages and leads the Financial and Business Development fronts.