2.00 PM - 2.30 PM
Aula Magna

Janus: not just WebRTC!

Marcos de Vera Piquero @ Quobis

I will first quickly introduce Quobis, the company I work for and one of the first companies that adopted WebRTC.

We will get into the topic by describing our area of expertise and how we not only leverage WebRTC alone but mainly why we need to interact a with SIP and the different strategies we use to actually execute such interactions.

The main scenarios that I’ll describe are the following:

- basic SIP trunk: mainly WebRTC endpoints but allow to go out to the SIP world when needed

- 1:1 SIP:WebRTC endpoints: each registered WebRTC endpoint has its corresponding SIP register, so users can transparently be reached/interact with the two worlds

- reuse of existing SIP networks: all the signaling, including WebRTC-only calls, go through existing SIP networks in order to reuse existing applications (such as billing).

After explaining them we will skim over the challenges we went through when implementing and deploying such scenarios.

Backend developer at Quobis. Passionate about free software.

Had once the chance of driving a rusty van to Ulaanbaatar.