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Building relayperf.com: a Relay Performance comparison tool for all

Dan Jenkins @ Nimble Ape

TURN servers are a core part of what makes NAT and firewall traversal work within WebRTC. TURN is a vital part of the ICE process that ultimately make WebRTC work. There are many open source and commercial TURN severs available, but how do you go about testing them to see which is going to offer you the best connectivity and performance?

We at Nimble Ape decided it was high time to create a TURN comparison tool to make it easy to figure out which TURN service or project will be best for your project.

Introducing relayperf.com. Akin to dnsperf.com, relayperf.com is designed to give you helpful statistics on key metrics you need when deciding which TURN service or project to use. It’s still early days but we want to share with you our journey so far.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Nimble Ape and Everycast Labs and organiser of CommCon - the only residential RTC and Open Media event in Europe. Dan has been involved with real-time media for over 10 years now, empowering open source projects, businesses and individuals to build out their interactive media dreams. More recently he’s been building Broadcast Bridge, a tool designed to easily incorporate remote presenters and participants into livestreams and broadcasts. Dan used to build Lego back when he had spare time.