12.00 PM - 12.30 PM
Aula Magna

How did we grow from startup to an enterprise with Janus?

Denis Sicun @ Kaltura

Our journey with Janus started 6 years ago, when we chose Janus as our SFU at newrow, a startup developing the next generation of virtual classrooms. Since that moment and present day, we refactored our RTC solution twice, got acquired by kaltura and reached hundreds of thousands of daily users. In this talk I will walk you through the journey of how we matured our solution from a monolithic approach to an efficient k8s best practiced platform.

You will hear about how we used the power of Janus in our system design, challenges we overcame and how it allowed us to deliver a unique RTC solution to our customers.

Hi, I’m Denis Sicun. I’m a Development Team Leader at Kaltura, with 13 years of experience as a Software Engineer and various Leadership roles. In the past 6 year I joined the RTC world at newrow and Kaltura. I was a Lead Engineer and developed the core RTC infrastructure of the company’s product. As a development team leader, I helped building the R&D department code and people wise. Those efforts made the RTC product a major part of Kaltura’s offering.

I love my wife, I’m passionate to providing simple solutions to complex problems and I’m dedicated to my Ironman training.