12.30 PM - 1.00 PM
Aula Magna

The silent VPaaS revolution is upon us: How we built a scalable, low-code VPaaS on top of Janus

Robert Strobl @ Digital Samba

Many product managers want an experience similar to the one they know from meetings tools - but they want it fully integrated into the workflow of the application they offer to their customer base.

For example: A psychotherapy platform may need to connect therapists and patients. Running the therapeutic session via a US vendor does not provide for a seamless user experience, nor does it deliver the the perceived secure space that is sought after.

Similar examples can be drawn in many other industries, such as recruitment, finance, telehealth, legal, education, logistics and more.

In particular Europe, with the world’s most stringent privacy laws, lacks great options.

Digital Samba aims to provide a full-featured video conferencing widget, that can easily be integrated and adapted to most use cases through roles configuration and selective feature activation. A token based API enables an SSO style experience. Branding options allow for a custom look & feel and the JavaScript SDK allows for further customisability and programmatic interaction with the widget.

With a view to design an application that respects the sensitive nature of video communication, Digital Samba is designed privacy-first from the ground up, collecting the absolute minimum of data necessary. In order to cater to the EU’s desire for digital sovereignty, Digital Samba is built on top of exclusively European sub-processors, specifically avoiding non European hyper-scalers.

Short introduction to Digital Samba’s low-code solution.

What it means to build with a privacy-first mindset, on modern web frameworks.

Demo: Digital Samba’s pre-built approach allows you to integrate full-featured video conferencing with a few lines of code.

We'll demonstrate how Digital Samba's new AI powered Transcripts and Summaries API can give you access to the content of any video conference held in Digital Samba for storage or post-processing in your LLM of choice.

Our janus scaling strategy.

On demand janus in the cloud.


CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Samba, SL