2.30 PM - 3.00 PM

Building a SIP/WebRTC conferencing system with Janus and FreeSWITCH

Giacomo Vacca @ Nexmo

Janus and FreeSWITCH are two open source real-time communications projects that can be used to build conferencing systems.

While both in isolation support WebRTC and SIP, they achieve it following different approaches. For conferencing, FreeSWITCH mixes the media, while Janus provides a publisher/subscriber system to the participant clients, without mixing the media. The first approach works well for SIP clients and SIP gateways to PSTN, while the second allows for more complex scenarios for browser-based clients.

In this presentation/workshop we explore a strategy to integrate FreeSWITCH conferences with Janus videoRooms. This can serve as an approach on top of which you can build your own service, and in general to get more familiar with the Janus APIs and FreeSWITCH verto protocol.

Giacomo Vacca is an architect of RTC solutions. Giacomo started working in the VoIP area in 2001, and since has worked for Truphone, Libon, and others, while currently looks after the SIP infrastructure at Nexmo. User, promoter and sometimes contributor of open source projects, Giacomo designs and maintains architectures based on Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, RTPEngine, Janus.