12.30 PM - 1.00 PM

Bridging Janus and MCUs: ideas and solutions

Luca Pradovera @ SignalWire

Janus is a best-in-class SFU implementation, but SFUs themselves come with limitations. Enter FreeSWITCH, a media and telephony switch, and a connector that helps them communicate. MCU video format, SIP interop, and telephony integration are made easy with this hybrid model.

I have been leading Mojo Lingo for two years now, and I have been a telephony engineer for 10 years. My skill set covers platform design and implementation, networking, WebRTC and scaling. Ruby is my favorite programming language and making a phone ring still brings a smile to my face after so many years! Mojo Lingo is the maintainer of the Adhearsion Ruby application telephony framework, used by hundreds of companies to build rich RTC apps around Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Mojo Lingo is based in Atlanta, USA, with offices in Los Angeles and Milan, Italy.