12.30 PM - 1.00 PM
Aula Magna

V-stream: a low latency video camera for race cars using 5g.

Tim Panton @ pi.pe GmBH

We’ve built and are currently testing 5g video cameras that go into race cars. They provide a low latency (<300ms) feed to the pit/trailer so the crew can see what the driver sees and respond in a timely fashion with advice etc.

The cameras use our own WebRTC stack (based on opensource components) with significant modifications to suit the network environment and the user requirements.

(e.g aggressive bandwidth management, rapid recovery, consistent frame rate etc.)

We will describe these modifications and show some code and how/where we tested the results.

The software runs on a powerful Linux based ARM SBC connected to a 5g module. We will describe it and the astonishing variety of connections from various 5g networks, ranging from routable IPV4 to a single private IP behind CGNAT. We will also talk about the suitability (or otherwise) of 4g and 5g for video streaming.

We will discuss the role that standards (and regulation) played in the project.

Tim is the CTO at pi.pe GmBH - who license a cleanroom webRTC stack to connected camera makers (e.g. baby monitors etc).

He’s been doing webRTC since before it was a thing, writing code, fixing bugs, listening to people and contributing to open standards (IETF + W3c) and opensource protocols (SNMP, SRTP,ICE, SCTP etc).

His earlier projects range from management code for ESA’s Infrared space telescope, an internet vulnerability scanner and an app providing video-calling for pets.

He’s active on mastodon as @steely_glint@chaos.social