4.30 PM - 5.00 PM
Aula Magna

Wrapping the Janus API with Janode

Alessandro Toppi @ Meetecho

At Meetecho we developed a Janus API wrapper called Janode. Born as an internal project, it quickly became a fully fledged SDK for the Janus and its most used plugins API. Eventually it made its way to the public audience and was published on github in 2021. During this talk we will explain the several benefits of using a signalling middle layer like Janode, e.g. accelerating your application development, customizing the existing API, enforcing security and so on. Then we will briefly describe the internals of Janode and will guide you through some examples of how we successfully deployed it in production environments, making it a key component for complex applications built around Janus like our Virtual Event Platform.

Alessandro is a software engineer at Meetecho since 2016 and he is the main author of Janode.

His work focuses on Janus development, bug fixing and enhancement with a special attention to performance testing and optimization. He also worked on Janus security hardening by searching for server vulnerabilities through fuzz testing techniques. Truly a passionate about technology in nearly every aspect, he also unofficially covers the role of IT department in Meetecho (but this is not mentioned on his resume).